Current Members

Kelsey Jensen (President)
Lab Group: Sparks Lab
Department: EEB
My research interests fall within the realm of the root-soil interface, exploring the mechanisms that mediate carbon and nutrient movement from plant to soil organic matter storage. I hope to further our understanding of how these processes will respond to the environmental impacts of climate change. My dissertation work focuses on the effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on soil carbon storage in the Mojave Desert.”

Katherine Haviland (Vice President)
Lab Group: Howarth & Marino Lab
Department: EEB/Natural Resources
“My current research revolves around sediment-seagrass biogeochemical interactions, specifically in relation to sulfur, carbon, oxygen, and iron, in eutrophic estuaries in New England.  I’m broadly interested in nutrient-impacted coastal ecosystems, marine angiosperms, and ocean deoxygenation. My research aims to better develop our understanding of the impact of excess nutrients on coastal sediments.”
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Liz Kreitinger
Lab Group: Soil & Water Lab and Goodale Lab
Department: Natural Resources
“I am interested in how essential nutrients cycle and move throughout the landscape, especially at the watershed scale. I study how nitrogen is lost via denitrification and hydrologic processes in temperate forests which is necessary to predict long term trends in forest productivity and carbon storage, as well as the implications for downstream productivity. My interests also include nutrient management in agricultural landscapes.”

Itamar Shabtai
Lab Group: Johannes Lehmann group
Department: Soil and Crop Sciences
“As a soil and environmental biogeochemist, I study how abiotic and biotic processes affect organic compound cycling in soil and water environments, and how human and natural perturbations influence these linkages. My current research look at the effect of abiotic factors,  such as water content and mineralogy, on soil organic matter stabilization mechanisms.”

Morgan Irons
Lab Group: Johannes Lehmann Group
Department: Soil and Crop Sciences/Microbiology
“My research interests are in understanding how biogeochemical cycles and feedbacks are initially established in regolith and degraded soils from Earth and other planetary bodies. My PhD research focuses on microbial and organo-mineral stabilization mechanisms in soil aggregates and their contributions to the persistence and long-term sequestration of soil organic matter and carbon.”


Dave Frey (Treasurer)
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