Information for Prospective Students


After more than 30 years on the faculty at Cornell, I have decided to retire the end of this calendar year to pursue full-time my interests in the development of radio tracking and environmental devices applied to birds and other small animals. Cornell has been a wonderful place for me to grow as a scientist and educator, and it is home to an amazing community of biologists at all levels.

Many students who would have contacted me might be well advised to get in touch with other faculty members here at Cornell. Specifically, Maren Vitousek (stress ecology), André Dhondt (bird population biology and disease ecology), John Fitzpatrick (conservation biology and cooperative breeding) and Irby Lovette (molecular ecology and phylogenetics) are my  colleagues in the Field of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Mike Webster in the Field of Neurobiology and Behavior is an excellent avian behaviorist working with birds; Amanda Rodewald and Evan Cooch in the Field of Natural Resources are excellent advisers in the area of avian conservation biology; and Elizabeth Regan and Tim DeVoogd in the Field of Psychology are ideal for students interested in working with the mechanisms of behavioral differences in birds.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a line. And, whether you end up pursuing your educational goals here or elsewhere, I wish you the best of luck in your biological career.