Curriculum Vitae

Contact InformationvCard
Date of Birth2 June 1955
Place of BirthSacramento, California
MarriedTo Amy Reed McCune, 26 April 1986
ChildrenKatharine Reed, born 30 October 1991
Virginia Elizabeth, born 30 October 1991
1983Ph.D.Zoology, University of California, Berkeley
1977B.S.Zoology, University of California, Davis
Academic Ranks
1994Associate Professor
1988Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise
Ornithology, evolution and ecology of avian life history variation, including bird movements
Awards and Honors
2007 - PresentStephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, Cornell University
2002Faculty Excellence in Research Mentoring Award, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University
2002Merrill Presidential Scholar, Most Influential Professor, Melissa Bowlin
1991Merrill Presidential Scholar, Most Influential Professor, Laura Panko
1998American Ornithologists’ Union, Fellow
1989American Ornithologists’ Union, Elected Member
1992Jacob Blaustein Professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
1986Postdoctoral Fellowship in Environmental Biology, National Science Foundation
1984NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Science Foundation
1983Thord-Gray Fellowship, American-Scandinavian Foundation
1983Travel Fellowship, Fulbright Commission of Sweden
1981, 1982University of California Regent's Fellowship
1982Marcia Brady Tucker Travel Award, American Ornithologists' Union
1981Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Department of Zoology, University of California, Berkeley
1977Departmental Citation in Zoology and Graduation with Highest Honors, University of California, Davis
Professional Experience
2002 - PresentProfessor and Faculty Curator of Birds, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University
1995Visiting Scientist, Department of Zoology, University of Washington
1994 - 2001Associate Professor and Faculty Curator of Birds, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University
1992Visiting Professor, "Behavioral, Life History, and Population Evolutionary Ecology,"
1st International Course in Desert Ecology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (with L. Real, D. Cohen, A. Kaiser)
1988 - 1994Assistant Professor and Curator of Birds, Section of Ecology and Systematics, Division of Biological Sciences, Cornell University
1986 - 1988Postdoctoral Associate, Section of Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University (Sponsor: P. Sherman)
1985 - 1986Lecturer in Ecology; Evolution; and Ornithology, Section of Ecology and Systematics,
Cornell University
1984 - 1985Postdoctoral Fellow, Edward Grey Institute, Oxford University, England (Sponsor: J. Krebs)
1983 - 1984Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Zoology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Sponsor: M. Andersson)
1978 - 1981Teaching Assistant and Associate, University of California, Berkeley: Embryology, Natural History, Population Ecology, General Biology
1975 - 1977Peer Adviser in Zoology, Advising Services, University of California, Davis
1975Ornithologist, U.S. Forest Service
1974 - 1975Ornithologist, Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge
Fall 2003Writing, exploratory research. Ithaca, Sweden and Argentina.
Fall 1995Writing. Visiting Scientist, Department of Zoology, University of Washington
Grants and Gifts 
NSF DBI-15561382016-2019$554,745
IDBR: TYPE A. Photovoltaics allow ultra-miniaturized, long-life wildlife tags
NSF DEB 12425732012-2017$448,828
LTREB RENEWAL: Predicting the Responses of Swallows and Their Insect Prey to Climate Change
NSF DBI-11521312012-2014$90,152
Collaborative Research: IDBR: Enhancing and Disseminating Miniaturized Tracking Technology for Widespread Use of Small Migratory Songbirds (with E. S. Bridge, Project Director, J. F. Kelly, & X. Xiao; Univ of Oklahoma)
NSF DBI-09639692010-2013$125,884
IDBR: Universal Base-Station for Wildlife Radio-Tracking and Telemetry (with A.C. Molnar, Project Director)
NSF IDR-1014891 2010-2013$271,200
IDR: Self-Reliant, Autonomous Microsystems for Biophysical Monitoring of Small Animals (Lab-on-a-Bird)
(with D. Erickson [Project Director], E. M. Garcia, and N. M. Trautman)
NSF IOS-07447532007-2012$147,343
Collaborative Research: Oxidative Stress, Telomere Dynamics and Aging in a Free-Living Organism
(with C. M. Vleck [Project Director] and D. J. Vleck, Iowa State University)
NSF OISE-0730180 2007-2012$2,501,474
PIRE: Golondrinas de las Americas: Integrated Pan-American Research and Training in Organisms and Environments (with C. B. Cooper, E. E. Inigo-Elias, and I. J. Lovette, Cornell University; D. R. Ardia, Franklin and Marshall College)
NSF DEB-07170212007-2012$449,962
LTREB: Predicting the Responses of Swallows and Their Insect Prey to Climate Change
Nat'l Geospatial Intel. Agency 2007-2010$0
(admin Mech & Aerospace Engr); Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program: Holistic Power Harvesting
Systems (A. M. Wickenheiser, Postdoctoral Scholar) (with E. M. Garcia [Project Director] and A. P. Purgue)
NSF, DBI 2006-2008$22,658
SGER: "Completing the Rehousing of the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates Bird and Mammal Collections,” with K. S. Bostwick [Project Director], I. J. Lovette and A. R. McCune.
NSF, DBI 2005-2008$35,283
"Miniature Radio Tag for Animal Radio Tracking," with K. Fristrup and A. Purgue.
NSF, IBN2002-2008$301,150
"The Ecological and Organismal Basis for Early-Season Life History Variation in Tree Swallows Tachycineta bicolor
EPA CR 2001-2003$50,000
"The Dispersal of Avian Ecosystem Services in a Changing Global Environment”
Park Foundation2001-2002$7,550
"Hill Bank Bird Studies"
Organic Agriculture Program/Toward Sustainability Foundation2001$6,000
"An Assessment of the Potential of Bats and Swallows as Biological Control Agents for Agricultural Insect Pests in New York State," with J. W. Hermanson and B. R. Laniewicz.
Park Foundation2000-2001$29,500
"Long-Term Study of Mangrove Swallows and Their Prey at the Hill Bank Field Station of the Programme for Belize"
McIntire-Stennis Project NYC-183561, USDA1997-2000$75,000
"The Fine-Scale Movements and Conservation Biology of Forest Birds," with K. M. Fristrup and T. A. Gavin.
NSF, Informal Science Education1996-2001$1,305,765
"Cornell Nest Box Network," with A. A. Dhondt, R. E. Bonney, Jr. and J. W. Fitzpatrick.
United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation1996-1999$35,100
"Parent-Offspring Conflict and Communication in Bird Nestlings," to A. Lotem first year; DWW travel only.
National Science Foundation1992-1996$209,870
"The Seasonal Decline in Avian Clutch Size: Parental Condition or Environmental Deterioration?"
National Science Foundation1992-1995$150,284
"Curatorial Upgrade and Computerization of the Cornell Ornithological Collection" (with K. J. McGowan)
USDA Hatch Project1988-1997$41,400
"Tree Swallow Predation Upon Aerial Insects"
American Philosophical Society1991$3,570
"The Nests, Diets and Phylogeny of Southern African Swallows"
National Science Foundation1990-present$50,259
Dissertation Improvement Grants for my students Sarah Sargent, David Haskell, Corey Freeman Gallant,
Gary Langham, Justin Schuetz and Rebecca Safran
Whitehall Foundation1986-1988$33,888
"Past Investment or Expected Payoffs? The Determination of Parental Investment in the Tree Swallow"
Community and Organization Research Institute, University of California 1986-1987$30,000
"The California Gull and Snowy Plover Populations of Mono Lake, California"
Courses Taught
BIOEE 4750Ornithology (every other year, 1988 - present)
BIOEE 3610Advanced Ecology (every year, 2012 - present)
BIOES 261General Ecology (1985, 1989)
BIOES 378Organic Evolution (1986)
BIOES 461Population and Evolutionary Ecology (1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999)
BIOG 109Introductory Biology for Non-Majors (2002, 2004, 2006)
BIOG 4990Independent Undergraduate Research in Biology (average of 4 students every year)
BIOEE 7800Graduate Seminar in Ornithology (Spring and Fall, 2007-2011)
Topical seminarsFunctional Genomics, R programming, Limits of Adaptation, Phylogenetics and Ecology, Animal Movement, etc.
BioStat LunchBunch with C. McCulloch (weekly in term, 1986-2001)
Quantitative Biology - R Lunch Bunchwith D. Rabosky, J. Simonis (weekly in term, 2007-2011)
Service at Cornell
2016 - 2018Cornell Council, Faculty Representative
2007 - 2016Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Chair
2004 - 2007Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Member
1996 - 2002, 2003 - PresentAdministrative Board, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Member
1998- 2000Plantations Advisory Board, Chair
1995 - 1998Plantations Advisory Board, Member
2006 - 2007University Lectures Committee, Chair
2004 - 2007University Lectures Committee, Member
2004 - 2007Academic Integrity Hearing Board, Elected Member
VariousMember, Cornell Center for the Environment and Fellow, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future
Adhoc Tenure/Promotion Committees (Member five times, Chair once)
December 2005 - January 2006Co-Leader (with A. R. McCune) of Cornell Adult University Family Trip to Chilean Patagonia
December 2008 - January 2009Co-Leader (with A. R. McCune) of Cornell Adult University Family Trip to Galapagos
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
1990Featured Speaker, 125th Anniversary Symposium, Washington, D. C.
PresentFaculty Search Committees: Laboratory of Ornithology (Director, Bird Population Studies and Library
of Natural Sounds), Departments of Biometry and Natural Resources
PresentUndergraduate Admissions Committee
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
1997 - 2003Director of Graduate Studies
2011 - PresentCornell University Museum of Vertebrates, Director
1988 - PresentCornell University Museum of Vertebrates, Curator of Birds
VariousFaculty and Curator Search Committees (six times)
VariousAdditional terms as Member of Graduate Admissions Committee, Executive Committee, Ad Hoc
Committee on Environmental Sciences Curriculum, Administrative Study Group, Cole and
Whittaker Awards Committee, Colloquium Committee, Computer Networking Committee,
Curriculum Committee, Field Facilities Committee, Graduate Affairs Committee, Undergraduate
Studies Committee
Service Outside Cornell
Professional Work
2005Panelist, NSF: Evolutionary Ecology
2011Panelist, NSF: Population and Community Ecology
2012 - 2014Scientific Programme Committee, International Ornithological Congress, Tokyo, Japan
2011 - PresentScientific Advisory Board, Max Planck Institutes for Ornithology
PresentDirector and Founder, Golondrinas de las Americas, a research network for coordinated hemisphere-wide hypothesis testing research and monitoring the effects of global climate change on birds
2000 - 2002Member, Organizing Committee, “Birds of Two Worlds: Advances in the Ecology and Evolution of
Temperate-Tropical Migration Systems,” An international meeting held in March 2002, Smithsonian Institution
1999Chair, Local Committee, 117th Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union, Ithaca, New York
1998 - 2000, 2006 - 2008 Elected Councilor, American Ornithologist’s Union
2010 - 2014Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association, Board of Directors, Member
2001 - 2004Cayuga Bird Club, Director
2006 - 2007“e-bird” NSF International RCN on Ecology and Endocrinology of Birds, Member
2006“e-bird” NSF International RCN on Ecology and Endocrinology of Birds, Steering Committee
2007 - 2010MIGRATE NSF International RCN on Migration Interest Group, Member; Hosted Annual meeting at Cornell (2008)
1978 - 1980Northern Chapter, Cooper Ornithological Society: Vice-President
1980 - 1983Northern Chapter, Cooper Ornithological Society: President
Educational Work
VariousExternal Examiners for Ph.D. Candidates: Jeroen Reneerkens (University of Groningen), Laura Nagy (Dartmouth University), Sönke Eggers (Uppsala University) and Amy Chabot, Mary Stapleton & Kelvin Conrad (Queen’s University)
May 2009Taught intensive advanced course in Ornithology (in Spanish - 10 days), Siboney, Cuba
VariousInstructor at MIGRATE RCN workshops in Oregon and Mexico
August 2007Co-taught course in Conservation Biology (in Spanish) with Wildlife Conservation Society, Ecuador, Maquipucuna, Ecuador
July 2006Co-taught graduate course in Behavioral Ecology of Birds (with J.C. Reboreda, in Spanish), University of Buenos Aires
1992Co-taught graduate course in Behavioral Ecology (with R. Holt), Sde Boker, Israel
Conservation Work
1999Member, American Ornithologists' Union Committee on Scientific Basis for Management of Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow
Expert on Birds of Mono Lake, California:
1999 - PresentMono Lake Science Council, Member
2003 - 2008Mono Lake Science Council, Chair
1994Expert Witness, California Water Resources Control Board
1992 -1993Reviewer for Wildlife Section of Draft Environmental Impact Report for Mono Lake Diversions, Jones and Stokes Associates under contract to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
1979, 1990Deposed by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
1990Expert Witness, National Audubon Society vs. City of Los Angeles, California Superior Court
1986Resource Person to Mono Lake Study Panel of the National Academy of Sciences
1983Testified before U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs
1979Testified before California Legislature
Editorial and Media Work
ReviewerAmerican Naturalist, Animal Behaviour, Auk, Behavioral Ecology, Condor, Ecological Applications, Ecology, Ecoscience, El Hornero, Evolution, Journal of Avian Biology, Journal of Mathematical Biology, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Nature, Ornis Scandinavica, Ornitologia Neotropical, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Studies in Avian Biology, Theoretical Population Biology, and Wilson Bulletin
2008 - 2012Cornell University Press, Science Advisory Board
VariousScience Advisor, Earth and Sky Radio Series
VariousAdvisor to David Attenborough's World of Birds and Origin of Species series for BBC
VariousResource person for ca. 5 newspapers/magazines/outlets per year, including NY Times, Science News, NPR, etc
Graduate Field Memberships
Applied Mathematics
Natural Resources
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Neurobiology and Behavior
Professional Societies
American Ornithologists' Union
Association of Field Ornithologists
British Ornithologists' Union
Cooper Ornithological Society
Society for the Study of Evolution
Wilson Ornithological Society