Current Graduate Students

Name Research Interests
Marshall J. IliffPh.D. expected 2018Marshall is a core staff member of eBird, and he joined my lab as an Employee-Degree student in the fall of 2013. Marshall has an encyclopedic and fine-scaled knowledge of bird distributions, and he is interested in melding the mush-rooming eBird knowledge base with basic biological work on bird migration to better understand the causes and consequences of avian vagrancy.
C. Justin ProctorM.S. expected 2014Justin joined my lab as a Natural Resources grad student after many years as a stalwart intern, then staff member, of the Golondrinas de las Americas project. He is conducting a joint science/community conservation study of the Golden Swallow in the mountains of the Dominica Republic.
J. Ryan ShipleyPh.D. expected 2017Ryan joined my lab after doing a Master's with Jeff Kelly at the University of Oklahoma. An expert on bat biology and ecology, Ryan is stretching his interests into a broad comparative study of the physiological ecology of life history variation among all vertebrate aerial insectivores.
Facundo GandoyPh.D. expected 2018(Universidad de Salta, Argentina)
David Chang van OordtPh.D. expected 2022David Chang van Oordt joined my lab from la Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru, where he developed a working knowledge and interest in the birds in the nearby coastal lomas and in lowland forest near ManĂº. David is interested in bird movements and how the movements of birds affect their qualities as vectors of malaria.
Jennifer UehlingPh.D. expected 2022Jennifer Uehling joined my lab from the University of Chicago where she did work with Steve Pruett-Jones on the distributions of introduced parrots in the US and on fairy wrens in Australia. Jenny is interested din the movements of birds, especially as they relate to dynamic habitat conditions, and she is interested in combining empirical and quantitative approaches in their study.