Jed Sparks

Jed Archbold
Jed holding a Scrub Jay at Archbold Biological Station in Florida


My own research centers on physiological factors governing relationships between plants and their environment with emphasis on the interaction between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere, but I will supervise students undertaking a wide variety of projects that use plant-physiological tools to explore such topics as physiological adaptation, the application of stable isotopes to ecological questions, plant and soil emissions of atmospherically important trace gases, ecosystem carbon and nitrogen cycling, photosynthesis, carbon and energy balance, plant water use and water relations, nutrient relations, stress physiology, the evolution of physiological performance, and physiology at the population, community and ecosystem level.


Courses Taught

BioEE 3610 Advanced Ecology
BioEE 4660 Physiological Plant Ecology
BioEE 4661 Physiological Plant Ecology Laboratory
BioEE 6601 Tropical Field Ecology
BioEE 6602 Graduate Field Course in Ecology