Saskya van Nouhuys

Parasitoid Ecology Group

Leader: Saskya van Nouhuys

Metapopulation Research Centre, University of Helsinki


We study the behavioral ecology, population and community ecology of interacting species in fragmented landscapes.

Our main research system is the community associated with the Glanville fritillary butterfly Melitaea cinxia in Finland.  The community is made up of the butterfly, its parasitoids and hyperparasitoids, the food plants, and endosymbionts.


Who are we?  

Research topics:

Interested in joining the lab?

Postdocs, undergraduates and graduate students are invited to join the lab at any time. Please contact Saskya van Nouhuys ( to discuss possible research projects and funding opportunities.

University of Helsinki:  
There are usually interesting projects in our group for bachelor or MSc (Gradu) research. Check out these current projects on parasitoid physiology or plant ecology.

If you are interested in the PhD program check out the  Luova Graduate School page and the  Metapopulation Research Centre page

Cornell University:
Our research group is based at the University of Helsinki.  However, Saskya spends some time at Cornell each year so there is the potential for undergraduate reseach experience in Finland.  Check out the Biology Undergraduate Research web page:

PhD students at Cornell: Saskya can be on your committee, but not be your main supervisor.  Email if you want to talk about it (