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B.S. 1979 University of Alaska
Ph.D. 1985 University of Washington

Alison Power, a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Department of Science and Technology Studies, is a member of the Graduate Fields of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Entomology, International Agriculture, Conservation and Sustainable Development, and the Latin American Studies Program. She is also currently serving as Dean of the Graduate School.  Her research focuses on biodiversity conservation in managed ecosystems, interactions between agricultural and natural ecosystems, agroecology, the ecology and evolution of plant pathogens, invasive species, and tropical ecology.  She is currently leading a working group on the roles of natural enemies and mutualists in plant invasions at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS).  She serves as Vice-President for Public Affairs for the Ecological Society of America and as the Presidential University Fellow of the Nature Conservancy.  She also serves on the Committee on California Agricultural Research Priorities of the National Research Council and the Oversight Committee of the Collaborative Crop Research Program of the McKnight Foundation. Past activities include serving on:  the Scientific Advisory Board of NCEAS; the Committee on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment in the Humid Tropics of the National Research Council; the Executive Committee of the Organization for Tropical Studies, EPA,s Scientific Advisory Panel on Transgenic Bt Crops, the Sustainable Biosphere Initiative Steering Committee of the Ecological Society of America, and the Technical Committee of the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management CRSP of the U.S.Agency for International Development.