Ecology and Conservation of Wildlife in the Neotropics – THE FIELD SITES

We will first spend a few days in and near the city of Puerto Madryn, adjacent to the Valdés Peninsula, a UNESCO world heritage site ( The Valdés Peninsula is a key breeding site for thousands of sea lions and elephant seals as well as various species of sea birds. The terrestrial wildlife includes the guanaco, rheas, maras, armadillos and foxes. We then travel south to Bahía Bustamante (;, where we will remain for about ten days.

Puerto Madryn is a city of close to 100,000 people where you will have regular access to the internet. Bahía Bustamante is a remote ecotourism lodge where we will be more or less isolated and internet access is at best intermittent, and often lacking.

Magellanic penguins. Picture by Lauren Cooley.



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