Ecology and Conservation of Wildlife in the Neotropics – COSTS

There are two main financial components of this course that are not covered by your regular Cornell tuition:

$3500 course fee (for the Patagonia field trip in January, including lodging, food, transportation, park fees, guides, etc).

Round-trip airfare from your home to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Airfares are hard to predict, but this is likely to be about $1500 from most points of origin in the USA.

All students enrolled in the course must take both the Fall semester and Spring semester 7-week courses and the Patagonia field component. Your registration in the course at the beginning of the Fall 7-week session on October 12th indicates your intention of completing these courses; at that time we will place a non-refundable $3500 charge on your bursar bill.

As students will need to travel to Argentina from many starting places, it will be your obligation to make and pay for those travel arrangements; we will give you lots of guidance on when to arrive and on other travel logistics. We will meet you at the airport in the city of Trelew (province of Chubut, Argentina) and also drop you off at the same location at the end of the course, so that you can catch your return flight. You are free to book your own flights, but we recommend going through a travel agency that we use so that students can travel together in the most efficient way. Getting to Patagonia will involve at least two flights, one international and a second domestic flight. The international flight will take you to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and the second flight (around 2 hours in duration) will leave you in Trelew

All students participating in this course must have a valid passport no later than October 1, 2021. The passport needs to have an expiration date no earlier than August 1, 2022. If participants will be traveling on non-USA passports, it is their responsibility to ensure that they obtain any necessary travel clearance or visas, both for entering Argentina and for returning back to the USA.

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