Selected publications in biology:


M. E. O’Rourke and Laura E. Jones.

   Diverse agricultural landscapes and pest management: a coupled empirical and modeling approach

   to understanding ecosystem services.  In preparation for Ecological Applications, September 2009.


L. Becks, S. P. Ellner, Laura E. Jones, and N.G. Hairston, Jr.:

   Reduction of adaptive genetic diversity radically alters eco-evolutionary

   community dynamics.   Submitted to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  October 2009.


J. Mao-Jones, K. Ritchie, Laura E. Jones and S. P. Ellner.

    How microbial community composition regulates coral disease transmission.  

     In review, PLoS Biology, October 2009  (preprint)


Laura E. Jones, L. Becks, S. P. Ellner,  N. G. Hairston, Jr. and G. Fussmann

     Rapid contemporary evolution and clonal food web dynamics.

    Philosophical Transactions B (special volume on eco-evolutionary dynamics), January 2009.  (preprint)


 N. Gasper-Smith,  D. M. Crossman, …, L. Qin, S. G. Self, G M. Shaw, T.N. Denny, Laura E. Jones,

    D.S. Pisetsky and B. F. Haynes (with 9 others).  

     Induction of plasma TRAIL, TNFR2, Fas-ligand and plasma microparticles after HIV-1 transmission: 

    implications for HIV-1 vaccine design.  

    J. Virology 82:15  (2008)  (pdf)


 T.Yoshida, S.P. Ellner,  Laura E. Jones, B. J. Bohannan, R. Lenski, and N. G. Hairston, jr.:

   Cryptic population dynamics: rapid contemporary evolution masks trophic interactions. 

   PLOS Biology (5) e235 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0050235 (2007)  (pdf)


 S. P. Ellner, Laura E. Jones, L. D. Mydlarz and C. D. Harvell:

   Within-colony immunodynamics in a coral host-pathogen interaction:

    modeling the cellular  response of the seafan G. ventalina to the fungal pathogen A. sydowii. 

     American Naturalist Online  (170) pp E144-E161  (2007). (pdf)


 Laura E. Jones and S. P.  Ellner.:

   Effects of rapid evolution on predator-prey cycles. 

   Journal of Mathematical Biology,  55: 541-573 (2007). (pdf)


 Laura E. Jones and A. S. Perelson:  

  Transient viremia and reservoir replenishment in HIV infected patients on antiretroviral therapy. 

   JAIDS 45(5) 483-493 (2007) (pdf)


 P. B. McIntyre, Laura E. Jones, A. S. Flecker and M. J. Vanni:

   Fish extinctions threaten nutrient cycling in tropical freshwaters.

   PNAS  104: 4461-4466 (2007). (pdf)


 L. D. Mydlarz, Laura E. Jones, and C. D. Harvell: 

    Innate immunity, environmental drivers and disease ecology of marine and freshwater invertebrates. 

    Annual Reviews of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics  (37) 251-288, (2006). (pdf)


 J. Meyer,  S. P. Ellner, N. G. Hairston, Jr., Laura E. Jones and T. Yoshida:

   Prey evolution on the time scale of predator-prey dynamics, revealed by allele-specific quantitative PCR.

   PNAS (103) 10690-10695, (2006). (pdf)


 Laura E. Jones and A. S. Perelson: 

    Opportunistic infection as a cause of transient viremia in chronically infected HIV patients

    under treatment with HAART.

    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (67), 1227-1252, (2005).  (pdf)


 G. Fussmann, S. P. Ellner, L. E. Jones, K. Schertzer and T. Yoshida: 

    “Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of experimental plankton communities”,

      in Advances in Ecological Research (37) 221-241 (2005).


Laura E. Jones and S. P. Ellner: 

    Evolutionary tradeoff and equilibrium in an aquatic predator-prey system.

    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (66), 1547-1573, 2004.  (pdf)


 T. Yoshida, Laura E. Jones, S. P. Ellner,  and N. G. Hairston, Jr.:

    Rapid evolution drives ecological dynamics in a predator-prey system. 

    Nature (424)303-306, 2003. (pdf)


 Laura E. Jones and A. S. Perelson: 

    Modeling the effects of tetanus vaccination on chronically infected HIV patients.

    JAIDS:  Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes,  (31) 369-377, 2002. (pdf)



Selected publications in Computational Geophysics:


Laura E. Jones and D. V. Helmberger, “Earthquake source parameters and fault kinematics

  in the Eastern California Shear Zone,” Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America,

  Vol. 88, pp. 1337–1352 (1998).


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  States and Mexico from single–station broadband data,” Geophysical Research Letters, Vol.

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 “Geophysical investigation of ancient landslides: an example

   from Saline valley, Southeastern California,” in Publications of the Inland Geological Society,

    Landslides in a Semi-Arid Environment, Vol. 2, pp 52-60 (1989).