Laura E. Jones

Senior Research Associate
Theoretical ecology and mathematical biology
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Affiliated Scientist
Theoretical Biology and Biophysics (T-10)
Los Alamos National Laboratory

  Laura Climbing

Education: Ph.D., Geophysics, 1995. California Institute of Technology

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As theoreticians often do, I'm working in several areas at once. These include modeling the interactions of HIV and immune cells, and exploring the effects of rapid evolution on a simple (chemostat) predator-prey system (work with Stephen Ellner and others). These are primarily theoretical projects, though I do also enjoy working with data, and have begun to look at the dynamics of spring clear-water phase in temperate lakes (work with Nelson Hairston, Colleen Kearns, and others), a project which involves more than 25 years of biological and geophysical data. My analytical and computational studies of well-mixed systems (like our chemostat system) have me thinking lately about spatial heterogeneity in habitat structure, and the effects spatial structure may have on population dynamics.

In addition, I'm collaborating with colleagues at Los Alamos, Duke University, and other institutions on the CHAVI project. With my colleagues at Los Alamos, I am presently studying acute-phase HIV dynamics as part of the preliminary work in the development of a vaccine for HIV.

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