Current members


Dongyan Liu
Visiting Scholar

I am currently interested in the chemically-mediated mechanisms of ecological and evolutionary species interactions. My research focuses on the production of and response to defensive plant chemicals including volatile chemical signals. In addition, other aspects of my research deal with chemical responses of organisms to abiotic factors such as heavy metal contamination. Eventually I seek to combine plant volatiles and predator cues to test how environmental changes affect processes at the entire community level and how plant responds to environmental drivers.


Aino Kalske
Postdoctoral associate

I am fascinated by the interplay between ecological and evolutionary interactions among plants and their insect herbivores. In my current research I will focus on the disentangling the effects of phenotypic plasticity and rapid evolution on changes in plant defense phenotypes in Solidago altissima.
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Mia Howard
Graduate student

I am broadly interested in the interactions of plants with insect herbivores and the soil microbiota. In my current project, I am examining soil-mediated changes in the defensive and competitive phenotypes of Solidago altissima over community succession.
Alexander Chautá
Graduate student

I am particularly interested in studying the ecological function and the evolution of plant volatiles emission. The types of questions that I what to answer include cost and benefits, context dependency and habitat specificity of volatile signaling in plant-herbivore and plant-pollinator interactions.

Past members

Postdoctoral associates
Name - current position

Dr. Marta Del Campo - Outreach Specialist, Cornell University
Dr. Mark Sarvary - Senior Lecturer, Cornell University
Dr. Stuart A. Campbell - Research Associate, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr. Rayko Halitschke - Research Associate, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
Dr. Akane Uesugi - Research Associate, Kyoto University, Japan

Other research professionals supervised
Name - position in the lab - current position

Dr. Robert H. Johnson, III - visiting scientist 2009 - Professor, Medaille College, Buffalo, NY
Dr. Erik Poelman - visiting scientist 2010, 2013 - Associate Professor, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Sayed Mahmood - visiting scientist 2012
Dr. Marcel Dicke - visiting scientist, Rhodes Professor, 2013, 2014, 2015 - Professor, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Dr. Kaori Shiojiri - visiting scientist 2014–2015 - Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Japan
Dr. Charles Midega - visiting scientist, Cornell Distinguished Africanist Scholar, 2015 - Senior Research Scientist, ICIPE MBITA Point, Kenya
Dr. Zeyaur Khan - visiting Scientist 2013, 2104 - Principal Scientist, ICIPE, Mbita Point, Kenya

Graduate students
Name - degree received in the lab - current position
Amy L. Parachnowitsch - PhD - Assistant Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden
Robert D. Bode - PhD - Assistant Professor, St. Martin’s University, Lacey, WA
Stuart Campbell - PhD - Research Associate, University of Toronto, Canada
Kimberly Morrell - PhD - Field Research Entomologist, Monsanto, Union City, TN
Maya Lim - MSc - Communications Specialist at The Nature Conservancy, Washington D.C.