BIOEE 675 Current Topics in Plant Molecular Ecology   
Fall Semester, Wednesdays 2:30-3:20 PM, Whittacker Room, Corson Hall  

Seminar with presentations and discussions of papers that utilize molecular and genetic techniques to address questions in ecology, evolution and conservation. The discussed papers may include the following areas of interest:

Ecological interactions, Molecular Adaptation and Environmental Genomics, Population Structure and Phylogeography, Reproductive Strategies, Speciation Genetics, Conservation Genetics, Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms



The Cornell MaCE community  

BIOEE 446 (4460) Plant Behavior - Induced Plant Responses to Biotic Stresses

Spring Semester, 2007    

How do plants respond to herbivore attack? What are the molecular, plant hormonal, and metabolic mechanisms of these responses? What ecological consequences do these responses have for the plant's and their attacker's fitness?

The course provides an overview of the plant's myriad responses to herbivores and compares them to the responses to pathogens. It gives an introduction to the study of induced plant responses and comprises lectures as well as practical independent and group-intensive work.

Plant resistance, defense and tolerance, wound recognition, induced plant responses, costs of plant defenses, ecological consequences of induced responses, direct and indirect defense, defense pathways, plant hormonal resposnes, herbivore-derived chemical elicitors...

BIOEE 369 (3690) Chemical Ecology    
Spring Semester, 2007, co-taught with A. Agrawal, J. S. Thaler and G. Jander    

Why are chilies so spicy? This course examines the chemical basis of interactions between species and is intended for students with a basic knowledge of chemistry and biology. Focuses on the ecology and chemistry of plants, animals and microbes. Stresses chemical signals used in diverse ecosystems, using Darwinian natural selection as a framework.

Plant defenses, microbial warfare, communication in marine organisms, and human pheromones

BIOEE 261 (2610) Ecology and the Environment    
Fall Semester, 2007, co-taught    
Coming soon.    
BIOEE 263 (2630) Field Ecology    
Fall Semester, 2007    
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