Seminar Series

Friday afternoons – 4PM – Morison Room (A106), Corson Hall
Beverages and snacks provided
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Sponsored by the CSBC-IGERT and multiple other funding sources.

Fall 2016

August 26 Soil microbial responses to human land use gradients in Puerto Rico
Speaker: Krista McGuire, Columbia University
Host: Bhavya Sridhar,
September 2 No Seminar
September 9 Forests, fields, farms and climate
Speaker: Elizabeth A. Burakowski, University of New Hampshire
Host: Charlotte Levy,
September 16 Drainage basins as chemical reactors
Speaker: Peter Raymond, Yale University
Host: Will Pluer,
September 23 Hydroclimatic drivers of phosphorus mobilization in surface runoff and tile drainage from agricultural systems with cold, temperate climates
Speaker: Merrin L. Macrae, University of Waterloo
Host: Erin Menzies,
September 30 Why plant-microbial symbioses matter in our changing world
Speaker: Nina Wurzburger, University of Georgia
Host: Michelle Wong,
October 7 No seminar, Fall Break.
October 14 Scaling soil organic matter dynamics with microbial physiology
Speaker: Stuart Grandy, University of New Hampshire
Host: Natalie Bray,
October 21 Root herbivory and microbial processing of soil organic carbon
Speaker: Huijie Gan, Department of Entomology, NY State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University
Host: Natalie Bray,
October 28 Urban soil ecosystem services–the good the bad and the ugly
Speaker: Richard Pouyat, Forest Service, Research & Development, Washington DC
Host: Natalie Morse,
November 4 Methylated Arsenic in Rice and its Origin in the Paddy Soil Microbial Community
Speaker: Matthew Charles Reid, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Host: Will Pluer,
November 11 Hydrologic regulation of the geologic carbon cycle
Speaker: Kate Maher, Stanford University
Host: Alida Perez Fodich,
November 18 Ebb and flow in soil down below: The ups and downs of rhizosphere resource exchange
Speaker: Zoe G. Cardon, The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, MA
Host: Rachel Hestrin,
November 25 Thanksgiving break.
December 2 TBA

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