Name Current Position Advisor Research Interests
Janet Barclay M. Todd Walter
Cayelan Carey Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech. Nelson Hairston, Jr. Limnology, lakes, phosphorus, nitrogen, plankton, food webs.
Elliot Friedman Lars Angenent
John Gaby Dan Buckley
Billie Gould Monica Geber Plant genetic adaptation to aluminum in acid soils.
Buck Hanson Postdoc position at the University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria. Eugene Madson Microbial ecology of the gut with emphasis on the microbiota-mediated molecular interactions that influence to host nutrition and health; stable isotope probing approaches to characterize such dynamics using C, N, and H as tracers.
Annette Rowe Ruth Richardson Empirical modeling of microbial respiration and biomarkers
R. Quinn Thomas Assistant Professor, Dept. of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech. Christine Goodale Role of forests in the climate system, coupled biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem and Earth System modeling.
James Watkins Research Associate, Dept of Natural Resources, Cornell
Yun Zheng Natalie Mahowald Climate modeling, drought impacts, Amazon River Basin, hydrology, climate change.