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Wangshou Zhang

Wangshou Zhang

Visiting PhD Student

I am a visiting student here from Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). My research is focused on nitrogen and phosphorus pollution caused by human- activity, involving: modeling dynamics of water quality and quantity, linking riverine nitrogen & phosphorus export with their inputs, and controlling river eutrophication by investigating the migration of nitrogen & phosphorus. Recent research emphasizes nutrients cycling within a watershed ecosystem by using NANI/NAPI methods.


In 2013-2014, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with three students visiting from outside the United States on questions relating to nitrogen loading in Brazil, China, and Canada.

Elizabethe Ravagnani

Visiting PhD Student

I am a PhD student in Chemistry in Agriculture and Environment at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and my advisor is Prof Luiz Martinelli. My research is focused on the consequences of land use changes (forest to pasture) on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in streams that drain the coastal Atlantic Forest in the Southeast region of Brazil (State of São Paulo). Additionaly, I am also interested in how untreated sewage loads affect the nutrients distribution in the largest river of the basin (Paraiba do Sul) and its main tributaries.


Wei Gao

Visiting PhD Student

I am a visiting student here from Peking University in China, and completed my M.S. in Environmental Sciences from China Renming University in 2008. My research is mainly focused on watershed planning and management, involving water environment quality assessment, basin hydrology and water quality modeling, and multiple objects optimization. Recent research emphasizes investigation of nutrients cycling and influence factors in Lake Dianchi Basin using NANI\NAPI, HSPF, and SD models.


Jean-Olivier Goyette

Visiting PhD Student
email: jean-olivier.goyette@umontreal.ca

I am a M. S. student in biology sciences co-supervised by Roxane Maranger from the University of Montreal and Elena Bennett from McGill University. My research focuses on nitrogen and phosphorus accounting in the St. Lawrence Basin throughout the 20th century and the relationship with land use, diet, and riverine export by using NANI/NAPI. I have previously worked on nitrous oxide emission under hypoxia condition in the Low St. Lawrence Estuary and I recently participated in a transdisciplinary project (Great Lakes Futures Project) as co-author of an article about past and potential future trends of the biological and chemical contaminants in the Great Lakes.


Over the years, we have had many other visiting researchers and post-docs in our lab group, including Christine Costello, Alan Townsend, Sandy Tartawski, Christy Tyler, Beth Boyer, Henning Jensen, and John Cole.