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The following are some of the courses that Dr. Howarth has either taught or co-taught in recent years. Several of these courses are taught alternate years, so check the course catalog to see when the course you're interested in is offered or contact us for the most up-to-date information.

BIOEE 3610 - Advanced Ecology

Fall, 3 credits
Co-taught: R. Howarth, A. Agrawal, S. Ellner, and J. Sparks
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This course provides an in depth examination of major ecological fields, including ecophysiology, population and community ecology, ecosystem biology, and ecological modeling. Covers interactions between organisms and the environment on multiple scales. Current ecological research is used to introduce major concepts and methods, derive major ecological principles, and critically discuss their applicability on multiple organizational levels and in various ecological systems.


BIOEE 4780 - Ecosystem Biology

Spring, 4 credits
Co-taught: R. Howarth and C. Goodale
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Analyzes ecosystems in terms of energy flow and nutrient cycles, emphasizing an experimental approach and comparative aspects of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. Considers anthropogenic effects on ecosystems, such as from acid precipitation, fossil fuel combustion, and nitrogen pollution. Also analyzes climate change and regional environmental change from an ecosystem perspective.


BIOEE 6680 - Principles of Biogeochemistry

Spring, 4 credits (alternate years)
Co-taught: R. Howarth and C. Goodale
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Lectures cover the biotic controls on the chemistry of the environment and the chemical control of ecosystem function. Emphasis is on cycles of major elements and minor elements globally and in selected ecosystems, stressing the coupling of element cycles. A comparative approach is used to illustrate similarities and differences in element cycling among ecosystems. Analysis of both theoretical and applied issues, including global atmospheric changes and factors controlling the acidification of lakes and soils.


BIOEE 7700 - Workshop in Biogeochemistry

Fall/Spring, 1-3 credits
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Workshop-forum in which graduate students interact with invited world leaders in biogeochemistry. Workshop topics change each semester. A one-week workshop is preceded by seven one-hour preparatory discussions of readings.