The Cornell Ocean Research Apprenticeship for Lynch Scholars

Applications for 2019 are being accepted. 

Due date: September 23rd, 2018

Please send application materials to current program coordinator:

Phoebe Dawkins ( 

Cornell undergraduates will travel to the Big Island of Hawai’i and Friday Harbor Marine Laboratories (FHL) on San Juan Island, Washington, to work with faculty in multidisciplinary teams to solve problems through field research. Research-intensive field work provides students with a life-changing experience that cannot be replicated in even the best university laboratory, especially for students interested in ocean sciences. This field research experience is a stepping stone to real world jobs and access to top graduate programs.  FHL is a large marine lab run by the University of Washington and center of excellence for Ocean Acidification and is developing as a Center for Marine Biodiversity.  FHL has superb access to spectacular, high biodiversity field sites, with excellent field facilities including boats, running seawater in labs and updated instrumentation. Drs. Harvell and Greene have a long-standing and productive research partnership with FHL. This is the home-base for their active field research programs.

The core research apprenticeship will run for 11 weeks from February 20 through mid-May 2018. In the program, students will be involved in all phases of field research, from initial planning to field implementation, to data analysis and writing.

This program is a full 18-credit semester course load. Students are enrolled in the following classes:

BIOEE 4930 Biodiversity of Marine Invertebrates 6 credits
BIOEE 4920 Special Topics in Ocean Biodiversity 6 credits
EAS 4750 Special Topics in Oceanography 2 credits
BIOEE/EAS 3510 Conservation Oceanography 4 credits

The Lynch travel fund will cover roundtrip travel expenses to the Big Island and Friday Harbor to provide a field research experience for 6 students. Students will be responsible for their respective college tuition and a program fee, which covers room, board, and laboratory fees. Other supplies and field trip costs will be covered by the program.

CORALS Application 2019

Due Date: September 23rd, 2018