Society of Environmental Journalists coverage of ‘A Sea of Glass’

Do you want an insiders look into Dr. Harvell’s ‘A Sea of Glass’?  SEJournal BookShelf editor Tom Henry spoke with Harvell about how she conceived and executed the book here!

‘Author and evolutionary biologist Drew Harvell during an ocean dive to find living counterparts to glass models in Cornell’s Blaschka collection. Photo courtesy Harvell.’

Seagrass Bioremediation — Exciting New Publication in Science Journal


Hot off the press, ‘Seagrass ecosystems reduce exposure to bacterial pathogens of humans, fishes, and invertebrates’ makes the front cover of Science 17 Feb 2017. Joleah Lamb, our post-doctoral affiliate, along with her team found that coastal seagrasses reduce bacteria that are pathogenic to humans, fish, and invertebrates. This exciting study has been covered by The New York Times, BBC, and the Quirks & Quarks podcast, among others!