Committee descriptions

Diversity Recruitment (2): This recruitment weekend is entirely organized by graduate students. Advertising and fundraising begins in the spring of the preceding year, and as such, the leaders of this committee are chosen in the spring. If interested in helping, contact previous leaders.

Equity and Safety Workshop (2): The committee members will be responsible for organizing the field safety/sexual harassment workshop in the spring (before the start of most peoples’ field seasons). They will work with Monica and Lex (Coordinator of Travel Safety) to plan and run the workshop.

First Year Dinner (4): Plan a dinner for first year students early in the fall semester.

Grilled Cheese (2): Organizes the annual Grilled Cheese Competition each spring and coordinates other events intended to bolster departmental cohesion.

Holiday Party (5): The party usually happens in the first or second week of December at the Lab of O. Ask for volunteers to cook the food. For the main dishes, the committee provides the pans and ingredients for: 4 turkeys, 2 meat lasagnas, 2 veggie lasagnas, and some years have also done a ham. Also put another sign-up sheet for side dishes: appetizers/salads/sides or however you want to break it down. Talk to Janeen about the dessert competition. She is in charge of that but we help her run it however she decides. Alcohol person harasses all the grads and faculty for money (asking students for at least $5). Committee needs to decide and plan any activities beyond the dessert competition and the cohort video. In past years, we have done raffles and trivia during dinner. After the party, the committee needs to stay and help clean up until the place is spotless. The lab of O janitors will help clean but we need to pack up and return all the stuff we brought in. Meet with and/or email previous organizers as soon as possible in the fall to facilitate the transition.

Grants Database (1): The grant database is a compilation of grants received by EEB grad students. Information provided includes the grant name, contact (website), keywords (eligibility, types of projects funded), approximate deadline, whether passing your a-exam was necessary, and students who have successfully been funded by this grant. Responsibilities include updating the site as needed. Requests for new grant information and updates of awards received should be sent out occasionally to grad students and the necessary updates made to the website.

Grad Rep at Faculty Meetings (1): Meetings generally take place once a month on Wednesdays, typically from 12:05 – 1:25pm (as of the 2017-2018 academic year). At each meeting the rep should take notes on the announcements, discussion and any decisions that faculty vote on. After the meeting, the rep should compile these notes into an email (usually 1-2 pages) that succinctly summarizes the major points from the meeting, and highlight those that in some way affect the graduate students (e.g. course curriculum, new hires, TA-ships, etc.). Meeting notes should be sent to the faculty chair for approval before being circulated among grad students.

Graduate Symposium (5): The graduate symposium is a two day mini-symposium of presentations by graduate students and post-docs in EEB and other departments held in December. The committee is in charge of scheduling the Morrison room, compiling abstracts and setting a schedule for the speakers as well as moderating the sessions and hosting a reception afterward. Meet with previous organizers to transition responsibilities and institutional knowledge.

Richard B. Root Invited Speaker (4): The seminar occurs during the normal EEB seminar time in the Spring semester. Transportation and lodging arrangements should be made at least three months prior to the speaker’s arrival. About a month before the seminar, the committee should begin planning the speaker’s schedule while at Cornell. The committee must also coordinate a departmental potluck, usually held at a faculty member’s residence. While the speaker is in Ithaca, the committee is responsible for the speaker’s transportation to and from the airport, to and from campus, and to various other locations. Once the seminar is over, the committee is in charge of starting the nomination process for the next year, coordinating the voting process, and contacting the winning speaker. This selection process should be complete by April. Meet with previous organizers to transition responsibilities and institutional knowledge.

Lunch Bunch (1): Lunch bunch will be a peer review group in which graduate students bring their proposals, manuscripts, fellowship applications, etc. and split up into small groups to provide comments. Meetings will happen roughly once a month. There will also be the opportunity to informally present early research ideas or new experimental designs to the group for feedback.

Picnic (5): The department hosts a picnic at the end of summer. The department pays for, and the committee buys, ingredients for grilling and some beverages. The committee is also responsible for setting up and cleaning up.

Pizza Lunch (4): If the department seminar speaker is from another institution the graduate students host a pizza lunch in the Cole Room after their talk. The committee is responsible for ordering delivery pizza, sending an email reminder to the grad list about lunch, attending lunch, and cleaning up. Committee members must be available between 1pm and 3pm on Mondays to set-up and clean up. Meet with and/or email previous organizers as soon as possible in the fall to facilitate the transition.

Publication Board/Cole Room (1): Keep the bulletin board on the second floor up to date with recent publications authored or co-authored by current grad students. About once a month, send an email to the grad list requesting copies of new publications to up date the board. Keep the Cole room organized and update the student invited speaker plaque in coordination with the invited speaker committee and Janeen.

Recruitment Weekend (5): This committee is in charge of planning most of the events for recruitment weekend including a “special” SNEEB and post-dinner talks on Friday, the dinner at the Lab of O on Saturday, and helping Janeen all weekend. Meet with and/or email previous organizers to transition responsibilities and institutional knowledge (Google docs exist for this committee).

Representative to GPSA (1): The Council of Representatives to the GPSA meets bi-monthly on Monday evenings (~16 meetings per year). The GPSA Council of Representatives has a role in improving graduate student life, by advocating for things like health insurance, and supporting social activities on campus. At the minimum, the EEB representative could attend as many of these meetings as possible, and report back to EEB grads on any issues of importance that arise. A representative could also get more actively involved in the GPSA governing structure and other University Committees.

Social Media (1): This committee coordinates with EEB faculty to advertise the department on social media (Facebook, Twitter). Posts regular updates on departmental events.

SNEEB (5): The committee helps with the 7 or so SNEEBs EEB hosts per semester (once every three weeks). This includes convincing faculty to sponsor a week of SNEEB, helping their lab set up and clean up, and ordering pizza. Meet with and/ or email previous organizers to transition responsibilities and institutional knowledge.

Staff Appreciation (3): The event goes on in mid-May and should be scheduled at least by mid-April. A typical venue is the Corson-Mudd Atrium at 10:30-11:00. The committee recruits baked goods from grad students, creates thank you cards for the staff, and sets up and cleans up the event.

Tea & Cookies (1): This committee member hosts tea throughout the semester and may also create a sign-up sheet for other people to bring in cookies and host tea. Tea is paid for by the department but baked goods are usually donated by whoever is hosting. The committee member should also send out email reminders to the grad list.

Website (1): This responsibility entails upkeep of the website. Maintenance of the site includes cycling photos, adding photos from recent department events, and updating the directory and the EEB grad list for new students and removing those who’ve graduated. Meet with and/ or email previous organizers to transition responsibilities and institutional knowledge.