April: Jonathan Hughes

I’m a 2nd year PhD Student in Jeremy Searle’s lab. My research interests lie primarily in the realms of population genetics, speciation, and phylogenetics, especially as they apply to mammals. I’ve previously worked with cows, mammoths, and giant sloths, and I’m currently using house mice to answer questions of chromosome evolution and hybridisation. House mice of the subspecies Mus musculus domesticus occasionally experience chromosome fusions, and mice with different chromosomal rearrangements are able to interbreed with seemingly no detriment, which is unusual. I’m interested in exploring the mechanisms that generate and govern these rearrangements, what they mean for the genetic diversity of house mice, and the degree to which chromosomal variation is driving speciation in these mice.

When not basking in the warm glow of a computer monitor, I can usually be found on a hiking trail, in a mosh pit, or down the pub. I’m always searching for more people to play board games and be opinionated about movies with.