Diversity Preview Weekend

From March 8-11, grad students in our department led the collaborative outreach event that is Diversity Preview Weekend! For the second year, we organized faculty and postdoc interviews, workshops, and tours to introduce talented underrepresented minority students and researchers to Cornell and the graduate school application process. Three departments hosted attendees: EEB, the School of Integrated Plant Sciences (SIPS), and Entomology. In the coming weeks, attendees will be matched to graduate student mentors in each department to guide them through the nitty gritty of writing emails to potential advisors, tailoring their personal statements to positions, and applying for fellowships. Our gratitude comes in threes: Thanks to all the attendees for coming – it was so exciting to meet you! Thanks to the tireless organizers who coordinated a packed weekend of events across three (!) different departments. And thanks to all faculty, postdocs, and grads who hosted attendees, interviewed them, and helped them expand their academic networks. Thank you!


Stepfanie Aguillon (EEB)
Amelia Weiss (EEB)
Kass Urban-Mead (Entomology)
John McMullen (Entomology)
Michelle Laterrade (SIPS)
Julia Miller (SIPS)
Chris Peritore (SIPS)
Nick Segerson (SIPS)