December Holiday Party

Graduate students, faculty, post-docs and family filled Corson Hall this past weekend for our annual holiday celebration. The Holiday Party committee (Kelsey Jensen, Kara Andres, Christoper Tarango, and Maria Akopyan) decked out Corson with lights and decorations, arranged our main courses, and organized a highly competitive science and pop culture trivia session. The committee also brought in our first-ever photo booth, which made for some excellent impromptu lab photos.

Graduate students cooked a range of delicious veggie and meat dishes, and baked incredible sweets for our annual dessert competition. After stuffing ourselves, we sat back and watched the cohort-bonding video made by the first years. This year, students raised the bar by creating TWO videos. The first was titled “The Grinch Who Stole SNEEB,” documenting the efforts of a grumpy new student to thwart our beloved weekly social hour. The second was an impressive animation that described research in “Eco Evo” in a somewhat-well-timed recording of the first years singing to the tune of Despacito.

Thanks to everyone who made this another great Holiday Party!