Cornell Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
the Geber Lab


Lab Members

Geber lab members in the greenhouse
     above: Monica, Billie, Sarah, Laurie, Eric, Jesse

Current Lab Members

Name Research Interests E-mail
Monica Geber Professor -- Evolution and population biology of plants; ecological genetics; ecology and evolution of species’ geographic ranges; mating systems; plant functional biology mag9
Laurelin Evanhoe Graduate Student -- Evolution and population ecology of plants and insects, particularly bees; biogeography and community ecology of plant-insect interactions; evolution of ecological specialization
Sarah Reilly

Graduate Student -- Plant-insect community interactions on hybrid Typha sp.
Billie Gould

Graduate Student -- Ecological genetics of local adaptation and rapid evolution in plants
Indrani Singh Graduate Student - reproductive facilitation within and across plant-pollinator communities is227

Past Lab Members
Blue --- Emeritus Canine Lab Supervisor
Blue- Emeritus, Canine Lab Supervisor

Name Thesis or Dissertation Title Degree Date Present Position
Eric Fabio

Clarkia range biology with interests in forest ecology Research assistant 2009
Jesse Bellemare

Ecology of forest herbs, interacting factors determining plant species' distribution and abundance PhD 2009
Assistant Professor, Smith College
Jill Anderson
(co-advised with Peter Marks)
Population ecology of flooding gradients, outbreeding depression and soil microbial associations PhD 2008
Post doctoral researcher, Duke University
Jill's CV
Brian Barringer Polyploidy, inbreeding depression, and the evolution of mating systems PhD 2007 Visiting Assistant Professor Franklin and Marshall College
Kathryn Flinn Land use history and the demography of several fern species of the forest understory in Tompkins County, New York PhD 2005 NSF International Research Fellow, McGill University
Shannon Murphy Chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions and host shifts by herbivorous insects PhD 2005 National Parks Ecological Research Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland
Mark Vellend
(co-advised with Peter Marks)
Species diversity and genetic diversity: parallel processes and correlated patterns
PhD 2004 Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
David Moeller Ecological and evolutionary consequences of spatial variation in plant-pollinator interactions PhD 2003 Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Andrew Zink
(co-advised with
Richard Root)
Parental care asymmetry among communal breeders: theory and tests with the treehopper Publilia concava PhD 2002 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of California, Davis
Hester Parker Comparative biology of annual and perennial congeners in the genera Zea and Phaseolus PhD 1998 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, California State University, Monterey Bay
Rhine Singleton
(co-advised with Peter Marks)
Recovery of the forest herb community in post-agricultural forests in central New York: pattern and process PhD 1998 Assistant Professor,
Franklin Pierce Collge, NH
Patricia Doak Impacts of natural habitat subdivision on an insect herbivore: population dynamics, dispersal and host-parasitoid interactions PhD 1997 Assistant Professor,
University of Alaska
Christine Jonas Variation and correlations between traits in the annual plant, Clarkia unguiculata MS 1997 PhD Program, Environmental Studies, Antioch New England Graduate School, NH

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Present Position
Ania Wieczorek Phylogeography of the range expansion of the native maritime plant, Solidago sempervirens 2002 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Hawaii
Stephen Bonser The ecological significance of variation in growth form in plants 2001 Assistant Professor,
University of New South Wales
Steven Travers Population genetics of selfing and outcrossing populations of Clarkia xantiana 1999 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Pennsylvania State University
C. John Runions Comparative floral development in selfing and outcrossing supspecies of Clarkia xantiana 1999 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Cambridge University
Vincent Eckhart Evolutionary ecology of developmental and life history traits in Clarkia xantiana 1996 Associate Professor,
Grinnell College, IA