Rod Getchell

Cornell_getchellRod Getchell

Cornell University

In 2010 I became Associate Director of AQUAVET taking over from my mentor and collaborator Dr. Paul Bowser, who served in the position for 25 years. In my new role I intend to carry on the program’s well-established tradition of being the gold standard for hands-on training in aquatic medicine. I chose my career path in aquatic animal health as an undergrad at the University of New Hampshire. I trained to be a microbiologist while learning as much about the biology of fish and shellfish as possible.  After earning and M.S. in 1983 for research on salmon diseases at Oregon State University, I spent five years in the field of aquatic animal health, studying diseases of crustaceans and mollusks as a Marine Pathologist for the Maine Department of Marine Resources.  Coming to Cornell in 1990, I earned my PhD while doing research and diagnostic work in several different labs, focusing on retrovirus-induced tumors in fish using walleye as a model species. I eventually landed in the Bowser Lab, where I have contributed to research on a variety of fish diseases, as well as independent projects studying koi herpes virus, largemouth bass virus, and type E. botulismMost recently, I’ve been investigating molecular testing methods for viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus.   

Selected Publications:

Getchell RG, Bowser PR (2011). Real-Time PCR Assays For Fish Pathogens. Proceedings of the Third Bilateral Conference Between the United States and Russia: Aquatic Animal Health 2009. Pages 168-175.

Getchell RG, Bowser PR (2006). Ecology of Type E Botulism Within Dreissenid Mussel Beds. Aquatic Invaders 17:1-8.