Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University
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Communication “Fencing Flamingos” Video

This video highlights some of the research I have been conducting in Bolivia.  It won the “Audience Choice” award at The Scientist Magazine Video Contest (2009) and the “Methods in Science” award at the Ecological Society of America Eco-Film Contest (2008). Video © R. Jamie Herring Science Communication Workshops

Along with Jen Moslemi and R. Jamie Herring, I am developing a series of workshops on using video to enhance communication strategies in the conservation sciences.  We led the first workshop at the 2009 Society for Conservation Biology Annual Meeting in Beijing, China.  More to come in 2010 (e-mail me for further information)! Fluorometry Workshop

In 2009, Jen Moslemi and I secured a Turner Designs fluorometer for the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz, Bolivia.  We developed and conducted a workshop on fluorometric techniques for application in aquatic ecology.  These techniques are currently being used by Bolivian students and researchers. Public Speaking Workshop

I co-developed and conducted a workshop on delivering impromptu science messages for Cornell University’s Biogeochemistry and Environmental Biocomplexity Program. Crossing Boundaries Project

Crossing Boundaries is an NSF-funded education initiative for enabling secondary students to explore and analyze global biodiversity and conservation issues.  I am a featured “Scientist in Action” and have helped develop GIS and multimedia curriculum modules. Promoting community-based ecotourism

R. Jamie Herring and I are producing a promotional video for Ecoturismo Río Lauca, an ecotourism outfitter that is cooperatively managed by 3 local communities in the altiplano of Oruro, Bolivia.  ERL provides tours of Laguna Saquewa, a site of both ecological and cultural significance. people research more...