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Request for Mini-Grant Proposals

Due: Monday, November 14, 6:00 pm. Proposals should be submitted electronically, as attachments, to:

The USDA-funded Agricultural Ecosystems Program at Cornell calls for proposals for the first annual mini-grants competition. These grants are intended primarily for graduate students. Recipients should be appointed in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences or in fields or departments administered by the College. The purpose of these grants is to broaden the community at Cornell involved in research on understanding the sources and sinks of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment in the upper Susquehanna River basin within New York State. We envision that funds will be used for supplies, analytical costs, and research related travel. The research should occur within the Susquehanna River basin or be directly applicable to understanding the fluxes of nutrients and sediments in the basin. Questions on eligibility or on appropriate topics for research and expenses for these grants can be directed to

Most awards made will range between $1000 and $3000. Funds should be available early in 2006 and must be spent by August 15, 2006.

The main text of the proposal should be two pages or less and should convey the purpose of the proposed work and how it relates to the overall goals of the Agricultural Ecosystems Program. The proposal also should set the context for the research by briefly reviewing the related literature and research elsewhere. We anticipate that most awards made will supplement ongoing research funded by other sources, although this may not be true of all awards made. Proposals should specifically address whether or not there is such ongoing research. Proposals should be single spaced using 12 point font and should be submitted as MS Word documents. There is no page limit for the bibliography, which should include full reference citations and which should follow the main text. The budget and budget justification should supply sufficient detail to support the reasonableness of the funds requested. Note that no indirect costs are assessed on this grant.

There is no page limit for the budget section, which should come at the end of the proposal and also be in MS Word. The proposal should consist of a single document (main text, bibliography, budget and budget justification) submitted electronically. The document name should begin with the last name of the individual submitting the proposal.

For further details on the Agricultural Ecosystems Program, including the proposal to USDA for the program, see:

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