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Agricultural Ecology Program: Understanding sources and sinks of
nutrients and sediment in the upper Susquehanna River basin

Meso-Grants (updated October 10, 2005)

General eligibility: Cornell faculty and staff, with appointments in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), or in a department administered by CALS.  Submission of a proposal is by invitation only, based on pre-proposals that were submitted October 3, 2005.  Invitations were sent out on October 7. 2005.

Awards: $120,000 total for one year, to be distributed in about 4 meso-grants of about $30,000; a second year of funding is contingent on renewal of the overall grant by the USDA. The first year of funds should be available in early 2006 and must be fully spent or committed by August 15, 2006. Funds may be used for salary (plus 47.5% fringe), supplies, analytical costs, research-related travel, and/or publication costs.  No indirect costs are charged on this grant.

Focus and Criteria: These meso-grants are viewed as starter grants, and our expectation is that these will lead to larger, more sustained research in the Susquehanna Basin in the future, using other sources of support. The research can be at a variety of spatial scales (micro, plot-scale, farm or small watershed scale, or large watershed), and can be either lab- or field-based, but the research must be directly applicable to understanding nutrient fluxes in the landscape of the Susquehanna and opportunities to reduce downstream losses. The criteria for funding will be the creativity of the idea, the potential to shed new insights on fluxes of nutrients and sediments in the Susquehanna River Basin, the opportunities to reduce these environmental risks, and the likelihood that the project will lead to a longer term sustained research effort. High risk projects (those unlikely to receive initial funding from traditional funding sources, yet may have potentially large pay-offs) are encouraged.

Application process:

1. A poster session was held on September 7, 2005 with information about the project and grant application process. If you could not attend the poster session, please contact the project staff to be sure you are on the email list. Click the link to view the grants poster from the session, or click the link to read the overall project proposal (MS Word document).

2. Pre-proposals were due on October 3.  These were reviewed that week  Invitations for full proposals were selected from a subset of these.

3. Final proposal:

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