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Agricultural Ecology Program: Understanding sources and sinks of
nutrients and sediment in the upper Susquehanna River basin

Links about the Chesapeake Bay and upper Susquehanna River watersheds

Government and intergovernmental agencies

Non-governmental organizations

General educational information

Maps and Data

Congressional Testimony

Government and intergovernmental agencies:

Chesapeake Bay Program Office (Environmental Protection Agency)

Chesapeake Bay 2000, the current agreement between the EPA, and representatives of the legislatures and governors of VA, MD, DC, and PA

Memorandum of Understanding linking headwater states (DE, WV, and NY) with the Chesapeake Bay Program

NY Tributary Strategies and PowerPoint slides about them

State of the Bay 2004 (.pdf file)

Chesapeake Bay Program partners

CBP Water Quality (links to many pages of useful information)

U.S. Geologic Survey Chesapeake Bay Activities

Investigations of Atlantic Estuaries: Chesapeake Bay (USGS)

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Water Quality Information Center (USDA)

Database of documents about water and agriculture (USDA) -- many of these discuss agricultural best management practices

Upper Susquehanna Coalition

Summary of New York's efforts for Chesapeake Bay water quality via the Susquehanna (USC)

Susquehanna River Basin Commission

New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water

Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources, Chesapeake Bay Front Page

Pennsylvania's state Chesapeake Bay Program

Virginia's tributary strategies and Department of Environmental Quality

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Non-governmental organizations:

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

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General educational information:

General info about the bay (from CBP)

General Bay Facts (from CBF)

Susquehanna River factsheet (from CBF)

Summary of the Bay watershed and ecology (from ACB)

List of NY counties in the Susquehanna/Chesapeake watershed (USC)

North American Nitrogen Center

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Maps and Data:

GIS maps (USC)

Tributary Tools - graphs, spreadsheets, and reports about the Chesapeake Bay; Best Management Practices (from CBP)

Map of drainage area and brief synopsis of glacial history (Chesapeake Bay Foundation)

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Land Use Map (.pdf file, from Chesapeake Bay Program)

Map of Nitrogen Flux to the Bay (USGS)

Narrative and maps of nutrient fluxes to stations on major tributaries of the Bay (USGS Va)

Influence of groundwater and lags on nitrogen flux to the Bay (USGS) - this page has several links to publications

Watershed profiles, an interactive tool to explore different watershed orders in the Chesapeake Waters, through maps, and population and land use data (CBP)

Factors affecting nutrient trends in major rivers of the Chesapeake Bay watershed (.pdf USGS Publication)

Summary of Nutrient and Sediment Loading to Chesapeake Bay From Maryland's Principal Rivers, Maryland DNR

USGS Chesapeake Bay River Input Monitoring Program

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Congressional Testimony:

          Testimony of R.W. Howarth on impacts of agriculture on water quality, Hearings on Non-Point Source Pollution, April 19, 2007 (.pdf)

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