The Nitrogen Assessment Network at Cornell


Bob Howarth, Director



The Nitrogen Assessment Network at Cornell, established early in 2004, ... Globally, the nitrogen cycle is the most altered of any major element cycle. Human activity has doubled the rate of formation of reactive nitrogen over natural rates on the land surfaces of the Earth. The change is recent and rapid, making accelerated nitrogen cycling one of the most immediate and consequential facets of global change.


• To better assess the sources of nitrogen pollution and the drivers of change in the nitrogen cycling across the regions of North America, 
with an emphasis on evaluating trends in fluxes and environmental exposure.
• To comprehensively and quantitatively assess both the ecological and human health consequences of nitrogen pollution in North America.
• To develop policy options for reducing nitrogen pollution and to encourage large scale pilot studies to test potential policies 
and technical solutions.
• To communicate the issues of human acceleration of the nitrogen cycle to the public and to decision makers, and to facilitate 
communication and interaction among the scientific community.

The Network works collaboratively with other groups on the Cornell campus as well as with other institutions and organizations whenever appropriate.

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US federal interagency research plan on coastal nitrogen


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