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Tables of nitrogen and phosphorus contents of foodstuffs and livestock feeds


Dennis Swaney & Luis Lassaletta 


When using nutrient accounting methodologies to estimate nutrient balances to watersheds, nations and other regions, it is necessary to estimate the nutrient contents of food and feed commodities, either using commodity trade statistics or making assumptions about the balance between local nutrient food & feed supply and demand.  Here, we have assembled several datasets from various American, European and Asian sources to aid the researcher in estimating nutrient fluxes associated with fluxes of food and livestock feed within a region.

Below we provide links to online sources of these data, and related information. In some cases we have given links to downloadable files containing data on a wide range of food and feed commodities.  We also provide a list of relevant references to the data sources and to papers in which such calculations have been used.

For more information, contact: Dennis Swaney ( or Luis Lassaletta ( )

FAO (2001) (Food Balance Sheets Handbook)

US-Canadian tables of Feed Composition

USDA National Nutrient database, release 26

USDA crop nutrient tool

Preston, 2013 (Beef magazine)

(download 2013FeedCompTable.pdf)

Stanton and LeValley fact sheet 615

Guzman et al 2014 (working paper on factors used in estimating net primary production of cropland)

Gopalan et al. 1989  table 1

N and P contents of commodities used in trade estimates, net food/feed, etc.




Links for compiling these datasets has been provided by the Baltic Nest Institute (BNI)