BESS GSA is an interdisciplinary group of graduate students at Cornell University with a common interest in environmental sciences.  Cornell has a strong tradition of promoting research in environmental science and biogeochemistry since the 1960s, and our graduate group has been active since 1996.  Our GSA has coordinated some of its activities with the Cornell Program in Cross Scale Biogeochemistry and Climate (CSBC), but we welcome students from all disciplines. Together, our group hosts graduate student retreats, research mini-symposia, the BESS seminar series, GSA meetings, workshops and social events.

Biogeo logo_newDepartments represented
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Natural Resources
Soil and Crop Sciences
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Biological and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering

For more information, please contact co-presidents Taylor Cyle (ktc35@cornell.edu) or Katie Grant (keg89@cornell.edu)
To join the listserve, please email biogeo@cornell.edu