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Old News

Winter 2017: New book Monarchs and Milkweed: read Ch1  pre-order

Summer 2016: Watch F&WS Webinar on monarch conservation

Summer 2016: Anurag awarded the 2016 R.H. MacArthur Award from ESA

Plant Interactions Group (spring 2016)

Spring 2016: New paper on monarch conservation, press, living on earth, MNN

Spring 2016- New Cornell synthesis on chemical ecology

Plant Interactions Group (Fall 2015)

Fall 2015 - Congrats to Georg Petschenka, Int Soc Chem Ecol Young Investigator!

Fall 2015 - Welcome to new graduate students Jacob and Katie!

Plant Interactions Group (Fall 2014)

Spring 2015 Anurag's winning 50 second pitch on monarch conservation

Spring 2015 Tobias awarded Ambizione grant from Swiss NSF!

Spring 2015 Former Labbie Marjorie Weber to join the faculty at Mich State Univ!

Spring 2015 Welcome to sabbatical visitors Chad Brassil and Susanne Dobler

Winter 2015 Former Labbie Marjorie Weber wins ASN Young Investigator Award!

Fall 2014 Welcome to our new postdoc Patty Jones

Fall 2014 Chemical Ecology planning meeting

Fall 2014 Marjorie's paper out in PNAS! (press) (cover image)

Fall 2014 Press on Laura Martin et al. paper on evolutionary impacts of deer graing

Fall 2014 - Nature as the classroom

Summer 2014 - Anurag talks about monarchs on NPR: read or listen

Summer 2014 - Lina awarded NSERC Graduate Fellowship

Summer 2014 - Marjorie awarded CPB Postoc at UC Davis! Good Luck Marj!

April 2014 - Best Paper Award, Royal Entomological Society (for Rafter et al. 2012)

March 2014 - 4 more reasons to be skeptical of open-access publishing

Feb 2014 - Tobias awarded Swiss NSF Postdocal fellowship

Jan 2014 - ACSF project on Monarch Conservation

Dec 2013 - Jared starts faculty position at Mich State Entomology Dept

Nov 2013 - Anurag gives Founders' Memorial Lecture at Ent Soc (video)

April 2013 - Dr. Alexis Erwin --- Congrats!

Spring 2012 Science paper on evolution of plant defense pdf NPR

Summer 2012 AA interview and podcast Trends in Plant Science

September 2012 Anurag ellected fellowof AAAS

August 2012 Jared awarded USDA postdoctoral fellowship

July 2012 New paper on convergence and cardenolides in PNAS pdf press

June 2012 Dr. Susan Cook-Patton -- Congrats!

April 2012 Luis Santamaría arrives for sabbatical

April 2012 Marjorie awarded NSF DDIG --Congrats!

Feb 2012 Susan on plant biodiversity and science outreach (see video)

Jan 2012 AA visits the monarch butterflies in Mexico (see video)

Winter 2011 Gaylord's paper in PNAS

Winter 2011 Sergio Rasmann starting a lab at the Univ. Lausanne

Summer 2011 - Marjorie wins Rosemary Grant Award

Spring 2011 - Press release for new Am Nat paper

Spring 2011 - Anurag and Jennifer on sabbatical in Tucson, AZ

Fall 2010 - Former labbie Marc Johnson wins ASN Young Investigator Prize

Fall 2010 - Former labbie Marc Lajeunesse starts faculty job at Univ. S. Florida

July 2010 — Marjorie is awarded an NSF pre-doctoral fellowship!

July 2010 — Mike Stastny defends PhD!

April 2010 — Alexis wins ESA Policy Award.

March 2010 —Collaborative milkweed trophic cascade project published in Science (see Perspectives article and Press)

Fall 2009 — Anurag wins the David Starr Jordan Prize.