Long-Live the monarch! A new analysis of our declining iconic butterfly

Just published in Science: a new perspective highlighting recent advances in our understanding the monarch butterfly’s declining population. Check it out here!  See also commentary in today’s Washington Post.

monarch4 (woods)


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  1. I understand that the Mexican forests are being logged. I appreciate and agree with LinclonBrower’s assessment that the loss of Mexican Habitat poses a serious risk to the overwintering population, in the event of a winter storm.

    However, I continue to see it as a risk and not a cause of the population decline. Again and again, including the Washington Post article based upon your article, I see the logging identified as a primary driver of the observed decline. Often, in the media, it is stated as the primary driver of the decline.

    Could you please point me to the evidence? Where are the piles of dead butterflies caused by winter storms in unprotected overwintering colonies? Where are the scientific papers documenting the death of millions of butterflies in the colonies?

    • Perhaps the best evidence is this paper by Thogmartin et al. Nonetheless, I agree with you that there is not rock-solid quantitative data on the importance of the Mexican habitat. It is a bit unclear how it could be shown beyond a reasonable doubt. I think most agree that the overwintering grounds are tiny, very important for the annual migratory cycle, and have shrunk substantially over the past 4 decades. Talk soon, -Anurag

  2. The eastern monarch overwintering population has actually exhibited stability the past 8 years: https://imageshack.com/a/img923/3720/nb8gWN.jpg And since the summer breeding population in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions this summer has been extra large (so far as of July 27), the midwestern fall migration this year should be extra large as well as should the overwintering population in Mexico.

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