• HWGGCC! by Marjorie Weber and Rayna Bell

Rayna Bell and Marjorie Weber pose with the winners of the 1st HWGGCC and the illustrious judges (Judge Howell, then-President Skorton, and Robin Davis)

The Harry W. Greene Grilled Cheese Challenge (HWGGCC)

To put it simply, Harry is beloved by the graduate student community. He always makes time for students, whether it’s imparting his wisdom and humor in hallway conversations, committee meetings, or cherished one-on-ones that you wish would never end. His passion for evolutionary biology, natural history, and herpetology are contagious, and graduate students can’t get enough of what Harry Greene has to offer. We want to absorb his way of life, and he has taught us all so much! And that is why, when we were faced with the weighty responsibility of selecting a worthy name for the VERY IMPORTANT annual grilled cheese competition in EEB at Cornell, we realized it was a total no brainer: let’s name it after Harry!  And behold, the Harry W. Greene Grilled Cheese Challenge was born! Harry was confused, to say the least.  He doesn’t even really like Grilled Cheese. His short (but elegant) one sentence speech at the first annual challenge opening ceremony said it all: “I just don’t know why this is named after me”.  But we have a message for you, Harry- OF COURSE it is named after you. You have been our hero, our cheerleader, and our mentor. You have given us endless support and humor in the highest highs and lowest lows of our PhDs and beyond. There is really nothing we could do to repay you for everything you have done for us, so we honored you in one of the only ways we knew how: The beloved, epic, now-institutionalized tour de force that is the HWGGCC.  Thanks for everything, Harry!

Marjorie Weber and Rayna Bell, HWGGCC co-founders