Stephen P. Ellner

Horace White Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Cornell University
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
E339A Corson Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

Phone: (607) 254-4221
Fax: (607) 255-8088

CV  (PDF, includes publications list)

My Google Scholar page

Research interests

Publications This links to a zip file with PDFs of most of my publications. Bandwidth being what it is, why not? If you don't find what you want, please email me.

Software including: LENNS for Windows, R scripts for Integral Projection Models, R functions for monotone spline smoothing and for fitting dynamic models by gradient matching.

My textbook "Dynamic Models in Biology"

Monograph on Integral Projection Models (2016): download, purchase hardcopy. Download through your institutional library may be free.  R scripts for the book.

The other book

Lab Guidelines and expectations

Notes to prospective graduate students

How to write a theoretical paper that people will cite (PDF)

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